Team Hollywood 

Team Building Movie Making Party

Why Team Hollywood is superior to other team building options:

Sharpens competitve spirit with

“Best Picture Challenge” option

Build cohesive, efficient teams

in a unique, effective way

Great for learning new products and

services.  You will have a useful web

video for internal as well as external

branding and promotion

Discover who works best together

Brings out innovation and creativity

in everyone

Event is operated by REAL, award-

winning motion picture and video


Use ACTUAL moviemaking equipment

and lighting, plus exciting props, costumes

and effects - no handycams!

Some of our Packages:

"On the Set"

     Half day package:  4 hour session includes props &        costumes, equipment and editing.


     One day package: 8 - 9 hour session includes props        & costumes, equipment, editing and a "Best Picture        Challenge".

"Roll 'Em"

     Day and a half package:  4 hour evening plus 8 hour      day includes props & costumes, equipment, editing        and "Best Picture Challenge".

Additional Options:

     Red Carpet Screening Event

     DVD/Blu-Ray Keepsakes

     Behind-the-Scenes Photo Album

                    (digital and/or physical)

     Behind-the-Scenes Photo Video

More custom options available

Start creating your Team Hollywood Party today!  

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