Justin Hamilton

Kamp Hollywood Alum, 2000 

Erik Rosdorf

Kamp Hollywood Alum, 2009 

The Movie Institute was the first place I got hands on experience with filmmaking.  At MI, I got my first glimpse into how movies are put together and learned what it truly takes to pull off a production. Not only did Keith Duncan and company prepare me for film school, I believe they even gave me a leg up. As a freshman at NYU, I already knew lighting, scheduling, editing, etc, because I had learned it all in 8th great at MI.  My rule for moviemaking has always been never stop creating, and I think that approach was instilled through my experience at MI.

~ Andrew Disney

Kamp Hollywood Alum

I love this program and the people who run it! As a kid, it was one of the most looked forward to weeks of the year for me. I still have lasting friendships with people I met there 10 years ago. Without the program's instruction and ability to see young people as potential creatives with valuable opinions and not just children, I likely wouldn't get to make films and commercials for a living today. Signing up for the program was one of the best investments I ever made in my future. If nothing else, it's a great opportunity to learn if you are cut out for a career that is at no point simple or easy to succeed in, and to get a great jump start and some lasting connections that can help you through the journey if you decide to take it.

~ Matt Morgan

Kamp Hollywood Alum 2005-2008

"As a young student interested in film, it's hard to find legitimate outlets for learning about film production, let alone movie sets to gain experience from. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Kamp Hollywood - where I was allowed to do just that. At KH, I was not only taught in a classroom setting about the technical aspects of making movies, but I was also given the chance to direct a project of my own.


Taking that step from "home movies" to a REAL set is an invaluable--and necessary--experience, and Kamp Hollywood introduced me to that process, while making it fun at the same time. But above all, KH showed me how important teamwork is to the filmmaking process. Today, I'm a film school graduate working at a production company in LA, but I don't pretend that I got here by myself. KH was a definite source of inspiration for me, and helped instill the discipline and knowledge one needs to be a real filmmaker someday."

~ Josh Land

Kamp Hollywood Alum

Attending Kamp Hollywood and working for the Movie Institute has been a fantastic experience; it’s given me hands on training on equipment that’s used in the professional world. Before attending the Movie Institute, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life professionally. The movie institute changed that because it put me in an environment with people with similar interests. MI felt like a second family to me and it allowed me to grow in ways that I never thought I would. It allowed me to take risks on my artwork and get genuine critiques on content I created. I learned how to work with a team and it made me appreciate the effort and camaraderie that comes with filmmaking- something I’m going to take away with me for life.

~ Adrian Cooks

Kamp Hollywood Alum 2011-2013

2014 UNT Radio/TV/Film Student

What intrigued me about Kamp Hollywood is that I could get an in depth look at all the different aspects of filmmaking. It was during the pre-production part of the camp where I found exactly what I loved to do. I wanted to write and produce. I loved being on set and watching all the different cogs come together to create a work of art and knowing that I was one of those cogs.  

Knowing what I wanted to do with my life made me more focused and driven. I started researching schools with a film program and found out what it took to get into those schools. I decided that Southern Methodist University was where I wanted to be, with an award winning screenwriting professor and an award winning Television producer to help me along my journey. 

I have since worked on an award winning independent feature as a grip and production coordinator, I was a producer for an international television show, and now I work in radio. I have never forgotten my roots with The Movie Institute or where I learned my enthusiasm for film production. Each and every year, I look forward to mentoring a whole new generation of filmmakers. 

~Crissy Gilliland

Kamp Hollywood Alumni and current Production Mentor

Kamp Hollywood gave me the opportunity to find my passion in producing. Every camper gets hands-on experience and ultimately decides what their role will be. I learned all the film lingo and experienced the process of making a movie from writing out the ideas to screening the projects for our families, but most importantly I learned how to collaborate as a member of a team. I looked forward to going to Kamp Hollywood every summer and frequently reference my experience in job interviews. It is where I met some of my closest friends, all of whom are currently working in the industry. I cannot recommend this program enough. If you are a parent considering signing your child up for this Kamp, know you are giving your child a worthwhile experience, full of valuable information and fun times!

~ Shannon cloud

Kamp Hollywood Alum 2010-2013

This place was really great for me. I learned a great deal from Keith and his instructors during a real formative tone in my youth. They kept me on as an intern for the rest of the summer where I was able to learn and apply even more in the studio. I keep these lessons in my back pocket as I continue to traverse the maze of Hollywood today, nearly 20 years after first taking classes with Kamp Hollywood (The Movie Institute). Keith has a great imagination for helping kids find their own...

~ Riley C Morris
Kamp Hollywood Alum

I will forever be grateful for my experiences attending Kamp Hollywood (2012, 2013) and the Halloween Workshops (2012, 2013). My experiences shaped me into a confident leader and reassured my creative decisions, while instilling in me knowledge about production and movie magic that I continue to utilize today. Plus, I'll never forget all the fun I had and the amazing friends I made along the way.

~ Misty Sprinkle
Kamp Hollywood and MI Alum

I started attending Kamp Hollywood when I was 13, it was truly a fascinating experience and I learned so much! It's an awesome camp, and if you're wanting to learn the crafts of the film industry, you'll learn from the experienced and great mentors and teachers. It's so fun, I've never had a bad experience.

~ Greg Ludden
Kamp Hollywood Alum

The Movie Institute was an organization that when I initially signed up for my workshop I was greeted with welcoming faces and all around a friendly and collaborative environment. The mentors are fantastic, Keith, Lee, Eric, John etc. they all are great people, people that you will want to talk to as friends not as teachers, genuine mentors. I've met fellow campers and mentors that I have kept in contact with for years. If you have a passion for creating and want to be surrounded by like-minded people all in it together for a common goal then The Movie Institute is where you want to be. This is an organization that I continue to support and will continue to recommend to anyone interested. Movie Institute will always hold a special place in my journey as a kid to heading off to college in the coming years. Kamp Hollywood gets bigger every year and if anyone is interested in the program do not hesitate to sign up for one of many workshops or the crown jewel that is Kamp Hollywood.


~ Scott Larson
Kamp Hollywood Alum

I have to say Kamp Hollywood made my summer the absolutely best summer EVER! It made me fall even more in love with acting and filming, just the whole film making process. Just the staff and counselors were amazing, I made some longtime friends and I can't wait to come again. It is an experience that will extremely beneficial for the future. Thank you so much for all you've done!

~ Raeann Grigsby
Kamp Hollywood Alum 2013-14

"Both of my boys attended Kamp Hollywood every summer for years. Now both have graduated from the University of Texas Austin with Radio Television Film degrees. Kamp Hollywood had a tremendous positive influence on their lives and career choices. The people that lead and teach at the Movie Institute show respect and guidance towards their students. I highly recommend the Movie Institute for anyone that has a child that shows any spark of interest in the arts. It's a wonderful experience."

~ Linda Krsul Wootton

Kamp Hollywood Parent


"Terrific Place! Everyone involved is deeply dedicated to helping kids have an experience in creating and working in a team, via making movies.  Both my daughters have gone to several workshops. They always come back excited and motivated, and they have each become more creative over time. Experiences like this really make a difference.  Staff instructors are professionals, accomplished in their own right, most are teaching at an affiliated college. They have a lot to teach, and all share the enthusiasm for giving kids a meaningful experience. I am very happy for my kids to have had the experience at MI."

A Chris Heath

Kamp Hollywood Parent


"My son has been two years and has had amazing time both times! The mentors are amazing and he now has a lifelong love for the movie industry! I want to thank Movie Institute for providing such a wonderful outlet! Kamp Hollywood has a welcoming learning environment that allows those with creative minds to express themselves freely. Highly recommended! Kamp Hollywood for life!"

Jennifer Whitney-Osbourn

Kamp Hollywood Parent


“Both of our sons had a blast and learned great deal. A great camp run by caring people!"

Eva Sandlin

Kamp Hollywood Parent


Thank you for the amazing work that you are doing and for all of the time, sweat, and love that you have poured into this effort. Benjamin certainly enjoyed many aspects of the camp. He is creative and funny, and he loves to perform. He loved the acting exercises and warm-up games. Your camp is a great concept, and a much needed opportunity for kids that are drawn to movie making and all that goes into it. Again, thank you so much for everything. I wish you and the camp all the best.

  ~ Jeff Boschert

Kamp Hollywood Parent

What a wonderful organization! Not only do they help kids learn about leadership, teamwork, and creativity; they validate the uniqueness of these kids who have a such love for movie making that probably makes them feel a little outside the "norm." I know that was the case for me when I started in the film industry as a young teen. I wish, wish, wish that I had had the opportunity to learn about every aspect of production the way that these kids do. So many avenues to explore! It's always a kick to see them so hungry to learn and so excited to create something lasting!

~ Emily Warfield, 

Actress & Kamp Hollywood Acting Mentor

Emily Warfield IMDB

MI is amazing!! The programs are inspiring and help grow folks who have an interest in the movie industry and all that it touches! The staff and volunteers are passionate and committed to each and every student and participant. I'm so very proud to be a supporter of The Movie Institute!

~ Jan Cycon

A real, hands-on facility fully equipped to prepare young people with education and training for careers in the film/music/video arts. I had the privilege of being a judge for one of the graduating class and was very impressed with the level of technical know-how and creativity. More than a school, a unique resource for anyone wanting to explore career possibilities or simply get one's feet wet. Well worth your time, check it out.

~ Mark Fickert

Actor & Kamp Hollywood Judge

What a great program for aspiring movie professionals. I was there when MI started and had the honor to help in a small way. How impressive and important MI has become. Keith and his entire crew are simply the best.  MI is the Jedi for wannabe movie makers.

~ Don McCoy

The Movie Institute offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about making movies (in real time) from local experts. The kids get to apply their new found skills while they make original short films of their own. The organization is run by people who have a heart for kids and for filmmaking. Much fun.

~ David Brehm



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